20160730_172829July 21st, 2016, 4:00 am, and I’m on Amazon praying I get my Cursed Barbossa. This was one of the SDCC Exclusives I saw on the Waves, I knew I would have to have. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean line Funko released earlier in the year, and I loved the look of the Cursed Barbossa. I’m actually hoping Funko releases some more zombified crew members. I love the creepy looking pops.

Without further delay, I’ll begin my review. The first feature I see when I look at a Funko Pop is the box. Amazon did an awesome job of packaging this pop, so my box was in excellent condition. However, much like the normal Barbossa pop, the artwork on the front hides the Funko Pop a little. If I’m looking right at the box, I am not able to really see the physical pop as well as I would like. Fortunately, I plan on displaying him out of box. This is a small price to pay for the amazing details in his face though.

download (3)20160730_172934

I love that he looks so awesome compared to what the artwork portrays on the box. You can see the divots of “dead” flesh, which is blue (this makes him look extra cool.) I have always loved the details that go into this sculpt, and his hat, another one of my favorite features, is just sweet. I love how big it is and I’m glad they added the holes to give it that tattered look. Also, the monkey, “Jack,” is a great feature in this combo. Everyone loves the monkey.

Overall, I give this Funko Pop two thumbs up! Now, I’ll just be over here hoping for more another line of Pirate pops 🙂