With this being my first year of collecting Funko Pops, I was really excited to see the SDCC 2016 Exclusive list. 20160721_144729-1When I saw the picture of Superman (False God), I thought it would make an excellent addition to my Batman v. Superman line. It would also be one of my most unique Funko Pops.

Superman (False God) is the only Funko P0p I have that is mostly all one color. I don’t have any golden pops (even though I would die if I ever got the golden Willy Wonka 2 pk). I just love how fun this pop is to look at. He’s so shiny, and the silver paint really emphasizes the details in his suit, hair, and cape. I think it’s really need how the paint on his chest is smeared just the right about. Also, the red against the silver really makes the writing pop.

I’m happy with him, but if I had to fix a few things, I would choose the sculpt and improve the paint quality.

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Image taken from Google

20160722_211559In the movie, the Superman statue has a very different pose than this Funko Pop does. I loved the Superman pop that looks like he’s flying, so it took me by surprise when I saw how plain this sculpt was; especially since this pop was an exclusive.

I also just want to say a quick word about the paint job. I’ve already talked about some of the positive features, but I was a little disappointed with the face of this pop. 20160725_095516It looks like it’s been scratched up a bit. I’ve seen lots of remarks on this from other collectors, so I was sort of relieved it wasn’t just my pop. I’m almost wondering if the paint job is supposed to look worn as if to mimic the statue’s on age. I don’t know  if I like it as much though.

This pop is probably my least favorite out of my haul, but I’m still glad that it’s a part of my collection. Now I’m off to find a spot for him on my shelf.