Who doesn’t love the style of Tim Burton? 20160721_144744-1I know it’s definitely strange, but I feel that that’s why it’s so lovable. It’s unique and oddly beautiful. When I saw the list of SDCC Exclusives that would be released in store, I laid eyes on Pajama Jack and knew I’d have to get one.


I have one other Jack Skellington Funko Pop, and I’m pretty sure it’s an exclusive too. I got it through Pop in a Box, a subscription service that sends you up to 12 mystery pops a month. So, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t lonely. I picked this guy up at Hot Topic, and when I got home and took him out of the box, I was so happy with my purchase.


Not only is he an adorable to look at (if you love Tim Burton’s style), but he has some pretty sweet details. In the picture to the left, it may be hard to tell, but his eyes are actually sunken in. This is different from the normal Funko Pop look, but it should be seeing as Jack is a skeleton. Of course, the nose is missing again due to what Jack is, but I like how Funko has taken something that should be scary and made it not so scary. The Nightmare Before Christmas character is for children after all. One detail I find weird is how they chose to represent his mouth. The image on the box and the actual Funko Pop are definitely different. It doesn’t ruin the pop, but I wish it was more true to the box art.

I’ve already mentioned my love for Tim Burton’s style, and so it’s only natural that I want those Tim Burton features on the pop versions of his characters. 20160722_21122320160722_211203If I had to describe this style, I would say that it is very edgy, crooked (but in all the right ways), lanky, and Gothic.  Obviously, Jack’s body had to fit the mold, but I was very pleased with the look of his night cap. I love the detail in the creases and the crookedness of the tail.

20160722_211154Finally, we need to talk about the book. I’m an English teacher, so it’s no surprise that I love the idea of settling down for the night with a good book. The Scientific Method is not necessarily something that I would want to read, but who am I to judge. I think it’s pretty awesome that Funko doesn’t just settle with making the character’s body. It’s nice that they add a little something else to really make the character pop (pun intended.)

Overall, Pajama Jack is the perfect addition to my collection. I hope to find him some more friends soon 🙂 I’m going to go find a spot for him on my shelf!