I’m not going to claim to know all there is to know about Marvel or DC characters and their comics. I know a few fun facts and I love a lot of the movies, but I’m a far cry from an expert. That being said, I’ve been waiting for a Deadpool movie ever since I saw the Wolverine origins movie. I know what you’re thinking… that Deadpool was nothing like the one in the comics. I know, but it was my first introduction to the character. Once I watched this version of Deadpool, I went home and did my research. During my run-throughs of what this character was supposed to be, I found that a movie would be released at some point. From that day on, I had been waiting.

This past Valentine’s day, my husband and I had a very special date to go see the movie, 20160723_135121and it was everything we wanted. I love Ryan Reynolds, and it is my opinion that he was perfect for this role. That being said, I knew that once the movie finished, I would need to get a Deadpool Funko Pop. I saw the line that was coming out, and I wanted quite a few of them: Pirate, Bath Time, and Chef. Unfortunately, I could never found them. Then I saw that Cowboy Deadpool was coming out as an SDCC ’16 Exclusive. I was so excited!

20160721_144736-1 (1)

So, it was no surprise that I grabbed this guy at Gamestop when I went on my pop hunt. Without any further drooling, let the review begin.

Okay, so the first thing I love is how cool this Funko Pop looks. Deadpool looks pretty awesome in the movie, but I love that I now have my own little adorable version.

Image taken from Google

Just as I thought this pop couldn’t get any more awesome, I took it out of the box. This is where I will state my only annoyance; most of you will know exactly what I’m going to say… bobble-head. I know! Marvel Funko Pops are always bobble-heads. Deadpool is a pop so awesome that I decided to get it even though it was a bobble-head. Now that I take it out of the box, the bobble-head feature isn’t too bad, but Funko, seriously, give the bobble-heads a rest!

As I watched this little guy’s head shake, I realized another favorite feature of mine was the hat. Of course, a Cowboy Deadpool is going to have a cowboy hat, but I love the sculpt.


The next detail has to be the adorable horse.It’s just so sweet; although, I’m a little 20160722_205801surprised they didn’t go with a unicorn. Look at that cute belt buckle too; awesome. I could definitely see myself using this Funko Pop in photos where I want to say anything sarcastic. Deadpool is always good for a laugh.  Overall, I give this pop two thumbs up 🙂



Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!