After many months of trying to decide whether or not I should start a blog about the life that is collecting Funko Pops, I have decided to go ahead and launch it. I figured that there was no better time to begin than with my first SDCC Pop Hunt.

Allow me to set the scene. It’s 8:30 this morning, and my sweet husband and I are in the car outside of one of our local Barnes and Noble stores. As I yawn and munch on my bagel that I brought with me in case there is a line, I laugh because there is no one to be seen. I was very relieved that this wasn’t going to turn into a crazy collectors setting.

When 9 am rolled around, a little line had built up, but when we were ushered into the store, there were plenty of Funko Pops to be had. It was definitely calm, which I loved. I had my heart set on 3 different items: Newt Scamander, The Fantastic Creature 3-pk, and Violet Beauregarde Blown Up. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and the original Willy Wonka is one of my favorite childhood films; Violet is one of my favorite characters.

As I walked toward the SDCC collectibles, I was relieved to see everything I wanted. I grabbed a Violet and a Newt without thinking twice; however, I looked at the Fantastic Beast 3-pk with disappointment. I briefly saw that they were supposed to be mini pops earlier this week, but I was hoping in my heart that it was a misprint. Unfortunately, I saw how small they were, and I decided against this item. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, and my theory is that there will be other pops in this line that I will really want later. Overall, I walked to the check out line with a huge smile as I was the first to check out 🙂


The next stop was Hot Topic. I was on the hunt for Pajama Jack and Mag the Mighty. Once the doors opened, I was happy to see the display was well stocked with most of the characters. This store had all the rumored SDCC Funko Pops EXCEPT Mag the Mighty 😦 I’ll live, but I’m a little disappointed. I’ve tried to minimize the Funko Pop lines I collect to just Disney, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter (not sure how well that’s going seeing as how I got some others today…), and it would’ve been a nice addition. Oh well. So, all that being said, only Pajama Jack left with me.


At first, I was going to stop my hunt at Hot Topic, but then I decided to keep the fun going by making my way to Gamestop. I was curious to see if they had Cowboy Deadpool and Superman False God. I have been dying to see Deadpool for years and am now a huge fan of the movie since it finally came out. I already have most of the Batman vs. Superman line, so False God Superman would’ve made a nice addition. When we arrived at the store, the Funko Pops were a little hard to find (because they were behind the cash register,) but I was able to leave with both of the pops I came for.

Overall, my Pop Hunt in person went pretty well! I had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to watching some of the other Pop Hunts later. I’m also curious about how many people were able to get through to the Amazon SDCC sales. I was lucky enough to get one of them, and I’m so excited for it to come in the mail 🙂 To see which Funko Pop I got, watch my SDCC 2016 Pop Haul video.

Thanks for reading and until next time