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Pop in a Box: August 2016 — August 1, 2016

Pop in a Box: August 2016

20160801_170922I’m not sure if you, guys, have ever heard of Pop in a Box, but this subscription service is where it’s at! Not only can you get great pops, but you can get them cheaper than usual 🙂 This was an excellent haul for me. I couldn’t wait to show y’all what I got, and I’ll be looking into to typing up some reviews soon 🙂

If you’re interested in Pop in a Box and want 20% off your first box, use this link:


Harry Potter Series — July 31, 2016
Funko Pop Review: Cursed Barbossa 2016 SDCC Exclusive — July 30, 2016

Funko Pop Review: Cursed Barbossa 2016 SDCC Exclusive

20160730_172829July 21st, 2016, 4:00 am, and I’m on Amazon praying I get my Cursed Barbossa. This was one of the SDCC Exclusives I saw on the Waves, I knew I would have to have. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean line Funko released earlier in the year, and I loved the look of the Cursed Barbossa. I’m actually hoping Funko releases some more zombified crew members. I love the creepy looking pops.

Without further delay, I’ll begin my review. The first feature I see when I look at a Funko Pop is the box. Amazon did an awesome job of packaging this pop, so my box was in excellent condition. However, much like the normal Barbossa pop, the artwork on the front hides the Funko Pop a little. If I’m looking right at the box, I am not able to really see the physical pop as well as I would like. Fortunately, I plan on displaying him out of box. This is a small price to pay for the amazing details in his face though.

download (3)20160730_172934

I love that he looks so awesome compared to what the artwork portrays on the box. You can see the divots of “dead” flesh, which is blue (this makes him look extra cool.) I have always loved the details that go into this sculpt, and his hat, another one of my favorite features, is just sweet. I love how big it is and I’m glad they added the holes to give it that tattered look. Also, the monkey, “Jack,” is a great feature in this combo. Everyone loves the monkey.

Overall, I give this Funko Pop two thumbs up! Now, I’ll just be over here hoping for more another line of Pirate pops 🙂




Funko Pop Review: Superman (False God) SDCC 2016 Exclusive — July 25, 2016

Funko Pop Review: Superman (False God) SDCC 2016 Exclusive

With this being my first year of collecting Funko Pops, I was really excited to see the SDCC 2016 Exclusive list. 20160721_144729-1When I saw the picture of Superman (False God), I thought it would make an excellent addition to my Batman v. Superman line. It would also be one of my most unique Funko Pops.

Superman (False God) is the only Funko P0p I have that is mostly all one color. I don’t have any golden pops (even though I would die if I ever got the golden Willy Wonka 2 pk). I just love how fun this pop is to look at. He’s so shiny, and the silver paint really emphasizes the details in his suit, hair, and cape. I think it’s really need how the paint on his chest is smeared just the right about. Also, the red against the silver really makes the writing pop.

I’m happy with him, but if I had to fix a few things, I would choose the sculpt and improve the paint quality.

download (1)
Image taken from Google

20160722_211559In the movie, the Superman statue has a very different pose than this Funko Pop does. I loved the Superman pop that looks like he’s flying, so it took me by surprise when I saw how plain this sculpt was; especially since this pop was an exclusive.

I also just want to say a quick word about the paint job. I’ve already talked about some of the positive features, but I was a little disappointed with the face of this pop. 20160725_095516It looks like it’s been scratched up a bit. I’ve seen lots of remarks on this from other collectors, so I was sort of relieved it wasn’t just my pop. I’m almost wondering if the paint job is supposed to look worn as if to mimic the statue’s on age. I don’t know  if I like it as much though.

This pop is probably my least favorite out of my haul, but I’m still glad that it’s a part of my collection. Now I’m off to find a spot for him on my shelf.

Funko Pop Review: Pajama Jack SDCC 2016 Exclusive — July 24, 2016

Funko Pop Review: Pajama Jack SDCC 2016 Exclusive

Who doesn’t love the style of Tim Burton? 20160721_144744-1I know it’s definitely strange, but I feel that that’s why it’s so lovable. It’s unique and oddly beautiful. When I saw the list of SDCC Exclusives that would be released in store, I laid eyes on Pajama Jack and knew I’d have to get one.


I have one other Jack Skellington Funko Pop, and I’m pretty sure it’s an exclusive too. I got it through Pop in a Box, a subscription service that sends you up to 12 mystery pops a month. So, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t lonely. I picked this guy up at Hot Topic, and when I got home and took him out of the box, I was so happy with my purchase.


Not only is he an adorable to look at (if you love Tim Burton’s style), but he has some pretty sweet details. In the picture to the left, it may be hard to tell, but his eyes are actually sunken in. This is different from the normal Funko Pop look, but it should be seeing as Jack is a skeleton. Of course, the nose is missing again due to what Jack is, but I like how Funko has taken something that should be scary and made it not so scary. The Nightmare Before Christmas character is for children after all. One detail I find weird is how they chose to represent his mouth. The image on the box and the actual Funko Pop are definitely different. It doesn’t ruin the pop, but I wish it was more true to the box art.

I’ve already mentioned my love for Tim Burton’s style, and so it’s only natural that I want those Tim Burton features on the pop versions of his characters. 20160722_21122320160722_211203If I had to describe this style, I would say that it is very edgy, crooked (but in all the right ways), lanky, and Gothic.  Obviously, Jack’s body had to fit the mold, but I was very pleased with the look of his night cap. I love the detail in the creases and the crookedness of the tail.

20160722_211154Finally, we need to talk about the book. I’m an English teacher, so it’s no surprise that I love the idea of settling down for the night with a good book. The Scientific Method is not necessarily something that I would want to read, but who am I to judge. I think it’s pretty awesome that Funko doesn’t just settle with making the character’s body. It’s nice that they add a little something else to really make the character pop (pun intended.)

Overall, Pajama Jack is the perfect addition to my collection. I hope to find him some more friends soon 🙂 I’m going to go find a spot for him on my shelf!



Funko Pop Review: Cowboy Deadpool SDCC 2016 Exclusive — July 23, 2016

Funko Pop Review: Cowboy Deadpool SDCC 2016 Exclusive

I’m not going to claim to know all there is to know about Marvel or DC characters and their comics. I know a few fun facts and I love a lot of the movies, but I’m a far cry from an expert. That being said, I’ve been waiting for a Deadpool movie ever since I saw the Wolverine origins movie. I know what you’re thinking… that Deadpool was nothing like the one in the comics. I know, but it was my first introduction to the character. Once I watched this version of Deadpool, I went home and did my research. During my run-throughs of what this character was supposed to be, I found that a movie would be released at some point. From that day on, I had been waiting.

This past Valentine’s day, my husband and I had a very special date to go see the movie, 20160723_135121and it was everything we wanted. I love Ryan Reynolds, and it is my opinion that he was perfect for this role. That being said, I knew that once the movie finished, I would need to get a Deadpool Funko Pop. I saw the line that was coming out, and I wanted quite a few of them: Pirate, Bath Time, and Chef. Unfortunately, I could never found them. Then I saw that Cowboy Deadpool was coming out as an SDCC ’16 Exclusive. I was so excited!

20160721_144736-1 (1)

So, it was no surprise that I grabbed this guy at Gamestop when I went on my pop hunt. Without any further drooling, let the review begin.

Okay, so the first thing I love is how cool this Funko Pop looks. Deadpool looks pretty awesome in the movie, but I love that I now have my own little adorable version.

Image taken from Google

Just as I thought this pop couldn’t get any more awesome, I took it out of the box. This is where I will state my only annoyance; most of you will know exactly what I’m going to say… bobble-head. I know! Marvel Funko Pops are always bobble-heads. Deadpool is a pop so awesome that I decided to get it even though it was a bobble-head. Now that I take it out of the box, the bobble-head feature isn’t too bad, but Funko, seriously, give the bobble-heads a rest!

As I watched this little guy’s head shake, I realized another favorite feature of mine was the hat. Of course, a Cowboy Deadpool is going to have a cowboy hat, but I love the sculpt.


The next detail has to be the adorable horse.It’s just so sweet; although, I’m a little 20160722_205801surprised they didn’t go with a unicorn. Look at that cute belt buckle too; awesome. I could definitely see myself using this Funko Pop in photos where I want to say anything sarcastic. Deadpool is always good for a laugh.  Overall, I give this pop two thumbs up 🙂



Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


Funko Pop Review: Newt Scamander SDCC 2016 Exclusive —

Funko Pop Review: Newt Scamander SDCC 2016 Exclusive

20160721_144751-1 (1)Yes, I ran out and got the new Harry Potter Funko Pop immediately, and I don’t regret it at all. I’ll go into more detail on the Funko Pop in a minute, but first, let me say that any Harry Potter lines of pops will definitely be in my collection for as long as I collect. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and it KILLED me that I didn’t want to pick up the Fantastic Creature 3 pk. They were just so tiny 😦 Hopefully, there will be more pops for this movie line. The back of the Newt Scamander box did not give away any spoilers though.


Alright, onto the review. There’s one thing that I’ve noticed about most male character Funko Pops; they usually end up looking a little plain. Let’s face it, girls are easier to make look a little more unique in most cases. However, I love the subtle features of Newt. Look at his Funko Pop compared to Eddie Redmayne’s character.

There are, of course, the easy features like the clothes and coloring, but look at the detailed, shaggy hairstyle. The stance and eyebrows also are just a mirror image; especially how the right (his right) eyebrow is just peaking out from the hair. Also, how adorable is that suitcase! The wand on a Harry Potter Funko Pop is a signature item as well. The features are what bring this character to life and make the pop magical! This pop is definitely two thumbs up from @bookpoplatte reviews

Anyone else dying to see more of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Funko Pops? Not to mention the movie. What about the rumored next wave of Harry Potter pops? Until that time comes, here’s another sweet shot of Newt Scamander.




Funko Pop Review: Violet Beauregarde SDCC 2016 Exclusive — July 22, 2016

Funko Pop Review: Violet Beauregarde SDCC 2016 Exclusive


20160721_144723-1 (1)


What a Pop! As soon as I saw that this Funko Pop was going to happen, I knew I had to get it. Not only am I a big fan of the original Willy Wonka movie, but I already have the Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa Funko Pops.


Violet came to my collection yesterday morning after I finished my SDCC 2016 Pop Hunt, and the first thing I noticed about her is just what a great job Funko has done of making her look like the movie. From the bangs and blue skin to the spherical shape after she chews the gum, this is just an impressive sculpt.


20160721_201832I love how plump she is. To me, this just makes her a really unique Pop! If you look really close you can even see the lines on her outfit, where the material is supposedly bursting at the seems. I’m also a huge fan of the details Funko does with the hair on their Pops. I love the hair piece detail. Overall, I would definitely say that this is a Pop worth collecting.

Now some of you might be like me in thinking, “I have all these Pops; now what do I do with them? Why would I go so far as to collect a whole set?” One of the things that I find awesome about Funko Pops is how well they photograph. That’s one of the big reasons I created an Instagram account dedicated to them (@bookpoplatte  if you want to follow). So, seeing as how this is my first Funko Pop review on my blog, I feel it’s only fitting that I start ending my reviews with one of my fun shots 🙂 I hope you enjoy!



SDCC 2016 Pop Haul — July 21, 2016

SDCC 2016 Pop Haul

After many months of trying to decide whether or not I should start a blog about the life that is collecting Funko Pops, I have decided to go ahead and launch it. I figured that there was no better time to begin than with my first SDCC Pop Hunt.

Allow me to set the scene. It’s 8:30 this morning, and my sweet husband and I are in the car outside of one of our local Barnes and Noble stores. As I yawn and munch on my bagel that I brought with me in case there is a line, I laugh because there is no one to be seen. I was very relieved that this wasn’t going to turn into a crazy collectors setting.

When 9 am rolled around, a little line had built up, but when we were ushered into the store, there were plenty of Funko Pops to be had. It was definitely calm, which I loved. I had my heart set on 3 different items: Newt Scamander, The Fantastic Creature 3-pk, and Violet Beauregarde Blown Up. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and the original Willy Wonka is one of my favorite childhood films; Violet is one of my favorite characters.

As I walked toward the SDCC collectibles, I was relieved to see everything I wanted. I grabbed a Violet and a Newt without thinking twice; however, I looked at the Fantastic Beast 3-pk with disappointment. I briefly saw that they were supposed to be mini pops earlier this week, but I was hoping in my heart that it was a misprint. Unfortunately, I saw how small they were, and I decided against this item. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, and my theory is that there will be other pops in this line that I will really want later. Overall, I walked to the check out line with a huge smile as I was the first to check out 🙂


The next stop was Hot Topic. I was on the hunt for Pajama Jack and Mag the Mighty. Once the doors opened, I was happy to see the display was well stocked with most of the characters. This store had all the rumored SDCC Funko Pops EXCEPT Mag the Mighty 😦 I’ll live, but I’m a little disappointed. I’ve tried to minimize the Funko Pop lines I collect to just Disney, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter (not sure how well that’s going seeing as how I got some others today…), and it would’ve been a nice addition. Oh well. So, all that being said, only Pajama Jack left with me.


At first, I was going to stop my hunt at Hot Topic, but then I decided to keep the fun going by making my way to Gamestop. I was curious to see if they had Cowboy Deadpool and Superman False God. I have been dying to see Deadpool for years and am now a huge fan of the movie since it finally came out. I already have most of the Batman vs. Superman line, so False God Superman would’ve made a nice addition. When we arrived at the store, the Funko Pops were a little hard to find (because they were behind the cash register,) but I was able to leave with both of the pops I came for.

Overall, my Pop Hunt in person went pretty well! I had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to watching some of the other Pop Hunts later. I’m also curious about how many people were able to get through to the Amazon SDCC sales. I was lucky enough to get one of them, and I’m so excited for it to come in the mail 🙂 To see which Funko Pop I got, watch my SDCC 2016 Pop Haul video.

Thanks for reading and until next time